Terraria, Me, and 1.3

Capture 2015-07-01 16_03_59Terraria, Me, and 1.3

The 1.3 patch for Terraria came out the other day and boy was I excited. I jumped in and started playing like mad. There were a lot of nice little touches. The change log for the 1.3 patch is huge. Some of the notable things are the arrivals achievements and the Steam integration for multi-player. I’d list more but really, there are just too many things to mention. You can find the full change log here.

I will freely admit though some of those nice little touches may have came from an earlier patch, it’s been a while since I’ve picked up my pickaxe and had at it. In any event I’ve been having a blast.


I even decided to finally start streaming. My first go at it was alright, can’t say there was anything entertaining about it plus I forgot to check the little box to save the footage. No big loss. Today I decided I’d do something more constructive and demonstrated building a simple tower. The video is a little over an hour long which is a little surprising, it really seemed shorter.

I have no illusions I’m not a great player, as in, I’m not some amazing guru that you should watch fight bosses, although I know some tricks, but I am good at building stuff, and its fun. Terreria is great in that I can do what I love and might even be worth watching.

I haven’t created a schedule yet as to when I’ll be streaming, but when I do I’ll make sure people know. Right now you can head over to twitch.tv 1)Link to my twitch page http://www.twitch.tv/therealapatheticgamer to see my castle video, or maybe just check out the highlights.


Links in the Post

Links in the Post
1 Link to my twitch page http://www.twitch.tv/therealapatheticgamer

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