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Jan 12

State of Apathy

With the coming of the New Year I thought it important that I make an honest and frank post about what has been going on over the last year and what I see for the future. You may have noticed that I made next to no posts in 2016 and I’d like to let everyone in on what happened.

Oct 29

Rating System

Rating System Nearly all game reviews end with a summary and a number. Reviewers do all that writing but in the end their review gets boiled down to a single number. I’ll be honest, when I read a review I’m as likely to skip to the summary and that magical number as I am to read …

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Oct 05

The State of the Blog

State of the Blog Address It’s been a little over 8 months since I made my first blog post1)A link to my first post.  Since then I’ve written 27 posts, nearly reaching my goal of one post a week. That alone is a huge victory considering most bloggers give up after only a few months. …

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Sep 03

The Rise of Esports: Part 2

Link to Rise of Esports: Part 1 In Part 1 I did a rundown of the history of the multiplayer online battle arena genre, better known as MOBAs. If you haven’t read it I suggest you take a few minutes and give it a look, it might help. If you don’t, I might cry but, …

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Aug 28

The Rise of Esports: Part 1


The first part of a 3 part article about the rise of Esports covering the history, the money and how you might might become a pro-gamer.

Aug 20

Gems of War and Warlords Battlecry

Gems of War is a role-playing puzzle game made by Infinity Plus Two, the makers of Puzzle Quest. Unlike the Puzzle Quest games, Gems of War is free to play and rather light on the role-play. I’ve been playing Gems of War since it was released on Steam in November 2014. I currently have over …

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Jul 22

Rage of a New Streamer

It Started Well…. It all started when I tried to stream a play through of One Way Heroics. I thought it was going well, there wasn’t any frame rate drops, I beat the game in one play through and said everything I wanted to say but then I listened to the recording. It turned out …

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Jul 03

Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI

Thanks to the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII Remake my nostalgia engine is starting to rumble. In my Final Fantasy VII Remake rant 1)My article Obligatory Final Fantasy VII Rant I mentioned that Final Fantasy VI2)Final Fantasy VI Wiki Link  and Chrono Trigger were just flat better and that’s what has inspired this jaunt down …

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Jul 01

Terraria, Me, and 1.3

Terraria, Me, and 1.3 The 1.3 patch for Terraria came out the other day and boy was I excited. I jumped in and started playing like mad. There were a lot of nice little touches. The change log for the 1.3 patch is huge. Some of the notable things are the arrivals achievements and the …

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Jun 24

WoW Tokens For Everybody!

This is somewhat of a follow up to another article I wrote “The Death of World of Warcraft“. If you haven’t read it yet it’s a wonderful rant full of shit talking and hard truths. It’s a rather stark contrast to the following article which is about my experience in playing Warcraft for free. If this article …

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