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Savage Lands

A brief review of Savage Lands and Signal Studios

Batman v Superman: Revewing Stupid Reviewers

I don’t often write about movies or review them but there is just so many negative reviews out there that miss the mark and even when the reviews are positive they manage to get things fucking wrong. It annoyed me. This started as a Facebook rant so the format doesn’t follow a normal format and is broken down into specific complaints

What the Damn Hell White Wolf?

Shits Gone Weird Yesterday Paradox Interactive made a big announcement1)A link to the announcement  that crosses into the worlds of pen and paper gaming and computer games. Paradox Interactive bought White Wolf Publishing. Paradox Interactive2)Here is a list of all the games that Paradox Interactive have devolved as well as published., if you didn’t already …

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Rage of a New Streamer

It Started Well…. It all started when I tried to stream a play through of One Way Heroics. I thought it was going well, there wasn’t any frame rate drops, I beat the game in one play through and said everything I wanted to say but then I listened to the recording. It turned out …

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Obligatory Final Fantasy VII Rant

So there was this game made by then Square Soft (now know as Square Enix) that came out a few years back called Final Fantasy VII, maybe you’ve heard of it. It came out on the Playstation and was a huge hit. People loved the crap out of it and it is now a permanent fixture …

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Diablo 3 and Pay to Win

  Looks like Blizzard is killing Diablo 3! Well not really, but they are experimenting with micro transactions. While it’s no secret that they are preparing to do this in China it also hasn’t been covered much in America.  According to a Blizzard post in their support forums back in Feburary 2015, they are adding a …

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Valve + Bethesda = Bad

So I logged into steam saw their big announcement “New Ways to Support Workshop Creators”1)The main announcement made by Steam.. Basically they are allowing makers of mods to sell t heir mods for games. My first reaction was ” that sounds promising” but then took a moment and thought of the implications and it sickens …

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Pillars of Eternity Review…Meh.

As my very small group of faithful readers will remember I wrote a rather strong rant about Pillars of Eternity a few weeks ago. It wasn’t about game play but more concerning the development process, their advertising propaganda machine and more specifically their retail price. This review isn’t about any of that but about actual …

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Pillars of Eternity

Guess what?  I’m going to do something amazing and not talk about Warcraft, not even a little…well other than to say I’m not going to talk about it. Today is all about a game called Pillars of Eternity, a game which hasn’t yet been released.  It’s a game being created by Obsidian Entertainment, if you …

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The Death of World of Warcraft

The end is neigh!  Blizzard is going the way of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. They are going to make the game free to play and pay to win. It’s bullshit, just plain, unadulterated grass feed bullshit. The world is going to burn! Or at least that’s what the idiots think. Warcraft isn’t …

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