The Death of World of Warcraft

The end is neigh!  Blizzard is going the way of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. They are going to make the game free to play and pay to win. It’s bullshit, just plain, unadulterated grass feed bullshit. The world is going to burn!

Or at least that’s what the idiots think.

Warcraft isn’t going play to win but I guess you could say they are adapting a sort of free to play model which I’m all for. You will be able to buy tokens worth 30 days game time with real money and then sell them on the auction house for a predetermined amount of gold, set by Blizzard. Then someone will be able to purchase it off the auction house, which the token then becomes account bound (sorry no reselling and playing the market) and then they can add those 30 days to their account. But explaining how it’s going to work and all that press release mumbo-jumbo isn’t any of my concern. I don’t have an inside source or any of that crap. A friend sent me a link yesterday to an article which you can read here if you like. I had already heard people talking about it in chat of course but he was more interested in my opinion than giving me a scoop. I thought I might as well oblige, I mean really, what kind of crappy blogger would I be if I didn’t step up onto my soapbox and bitch about things.


Blizzard’s New Deal

There is a lot of doomsday talk out there about Blizzards move but I personally welcome this change. I have a theory that all the negative comments are hard right wing republicans decrying Blizzard setting up a social program within the game. How dare they allow people with money to help people without money to keep playing the game!

Blizzard’s main purpose, or so they say, is to tackle the “problem” of gold farming, which is fine and all. Now that gold farming isn’t a cottage industry I’m pretty much against the practice, also I never made any money from it so no one should! I also believe that making these tokens available and with Blizzard controlling the gold prices for the tokens will allow them to help better control the in game economy. As of right now there is an excess of gold which has caused prices to inflate. If this whole token thing takes off it will give players a very large gold sink that they will want to throw money into. While not necessary it will, in theory, help prices look more reasonable and in the long wrong could help stabilize the in game market.

I can’t wait till I don’t have to pay real money to play the damn game. Paying for it was one of the main reasons I stopped playing to begin with. Rather spend my hard earned money I would gladly throw some fake money I earned while playing the game to keep playing the game. It’s a “free to play” model that I think is a great middle ground that I could get behind.


Blizzard’s Insidious Pay to Win Subterfuge

The whole idea that this will make it pay to win is just idiotic. Gold doesn’t buy you the high end items. Yes it can help you skip some middle steps but when it comes down to it the hard to get stuff is bind on pick up or bind on account and as long as that doesn’t change then you can’t pay to win.

Actually you know, right now you can play Warcraft for free….There are some restrictions of course, you can’t level past level 20, you have a gold cap, limit on who and how you can talk to people and some other things. BUT, if you wanted to pay Blizzard $15 a month you could increase your level, earn more gold, hell, even talk to new people. You’ll sure as hell get better equipment and whole new content that you couldn’t reach otherwise!
So well fuck…WoW has been pay to win for years.

On that bombshell I’m out.

*drops his mic and walks out*



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    • Jeremy Clarkson on March 3, 2015 at 3:56 pm
    • Reply

    ..”on that bombshell it’s time to end”*

      • Rusty on March 3, 2015 at 5:49 pm
      • Reply

      I’m *fairly* certain I saw a “Buy a level 90 character for $60” sold on the Blizz store…

      1. Yep, there is, just more proof!

    1. Can you tell what I was watching before I wrote that post? 🙂 I didn’t want to rip it of exactly though, that’s just mean.

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