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The State of the Blog

State of the Blog Address It’s been a little over 8 months since I made my first blog post1)A link to my first post.  Since then I’ve written 27 posts, nearly reaching my goal of one post a week. That alone is a huge victory considering most bloggers give up after only a few months. …

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Traveling with Moghedien Part 1, The Karazhan B&B

Greetings readers, my name is Moghedien and I’ll be your guide.. This is the first installment of my on going series of Warcraft Travel Reviews I’ll be journeying through Azeroth and sharing my very candid reviews of the places I visit, for you the curious readers and future tourists. (In case you were worried this isn’t a second writer I just …

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Ramping Up The Selfies

Less Rants More Fluff The last few weeks, meaning since the creation of this blog, I’ve been going off on tangents and not really doing the more fun and lighthearted blogs I had been talking about. That will all change starting next week. Not that I won’t do rants and troll bait some posts every …

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