The Best Gaming Blogger’s First Post

Hello and welcome to the most awesome and spectacular blog about gaming and apathy (but mostly gaming)!

I realize you might be thinking to yourself “Apathetic, if he’s so damn apathetic why bother with a blog?”.  Well yes, you have a point, it’s all about irony, I love irony and puns and a bunch of other dry and mildly amusing humor so you’ll be seeing a good bit of it in my posts. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and stick around or hate it and still stick around and troll the hell out of me. Either way it will be an interesting journey, as I really like many different games, the one I play the most is WoW Classic, and I even buy wotlk classic gold for this game.

On a more serious note I chose the name The Apathetic Gamer because it encapsulated the tone of the subject matter. I could have pick something more precise like “the gamer who is kind of casual but can really get into certain games and has opinions about game develop and games as a narrative art but finds it hard to do any serious coding himself blog” but I thought it was a bit much. Plus the name The Apathetic Gamer just amused me to no end.

What’s The Point of This Damn Thing

I’ll be upfront, because I’m pretty sure you’ll find out sooner at later that I’m no gaming expert I don’t delve deep enough into most games to write a guide, not that I probably would even if I could, I don’t make games, I’m not in the industry so why the hell would  you listen to anything I’d say?  Well let’s get the obvious answer out of the way first, I’m awesome, but more to the point I have done my research with the igaming news.

There is a middle ground between being a gamer that is super dedicated, who looks to the Professional Games with a mixture of awe and jealously and the old people sitting at home, spending their retirement money on Farmville and making sure all their children will have to remember them by is a virtual plot of land and a memorialized Facebook Page.  And I think I can be the voice of the middle man, the everyday gamer if you will as I really like any type of games including casino games I play at the ozwin casino online. The impact of regulation on online gambling, as discussed in this article at, adds another layer of complexity to the gaming landscape.

I drift from one game to another game and then back again. Sometimes I want to play an RTS, sometimes an RPG, a JRPG, a FPS, or you know, whatever catches my fancy. Often I find myself looking for a specific game that hasn’t as of yet been made and wishing someone would make it for me. Sometimes I’ll get really involved in one game, tweaking out on it for days or weeks, sometimes I’ll play a game for an hour or two, get bored and drift on to another one. You might say I’m just apathetic that way (you get it?!  Apathetic!  I used the title to describe the blog! I amused myself).

So What’s Next?

Well right now, against my better judgment, I’m stuck on World of Warcraft. I got the last expansion, Warlords of Dreanar for Christmas and I got hooked. I’ve been playing WoW on and off since it was released. I really do like MMORPGs but I don’t like people and all the solo content in Warlords suckered me.

This post is already super long, so I won’t go into too much detail but I imagine my next post will be talking about my love hate relationship with Warcraft. For a while I’m sure the themes will branch from there and cover MMO’s in general and probably a few rants on RTS games.

I will be taking advantage of modern technology and using screen shots and videos and links and that crap. If someone decides they have a death wish and really, really wants to die of boredom I’d be happy to do some twitch broadcasts.

It should be a totally tubular (I got bored of using the word awesome) adventure and I hope all of you will become avid readers, commentators and content providers. Bonus points to those who trick their friends into following us on this apathy inspired journey.

– The Apathetic Gamer

P.S. Here is some extra background crap about me if you want.

My History

I guess if you’re here because the actual gaming aspect you might want to know a bit about my “gaming chops”

It’s a rather common story for a Y Generation Gamer; I had an Atari and a Commodore 64 when I was a toddler. I eventually got a Nintendo, which in proper gaming fashion I still have. I still have the U Force, the Power Glove, the Power Pad and of course several games, including my favorite 8 bit game, Dragon Warrior! Even after decades I still have that game relatively memorized; if I turned it on right now there is a good chance I could maneuver through the dungeons without a torch.

I of course got a Super Nintendo next. When I got my hands on Final Fantasy 6, or as it was titled at the time Final Fantasy 3, I spent a summer spending way too much time glued to the TV. I didn’t just play it once or twice, but countless times, each with different goals. I remember doing numerous speed runs with my best being somewhere around 9 hours. Some nights I had to leave it on all night while I slept, still being a kid and all and my parents being all responsible and making me go to bed, just to avoid having to use my last save. Needless to say I was obsessed. That is still my all time favorite game with Chrono Trigger coming in as a close second.

I could go on and on and on about my past and I might another time, so I’ll make the rest nice a short. I then got Playstation rather than a Nintendo 64 based on nothing more than Square Soft wasn’t going to be making any games for the N 64. Then I got a PS2, then an Xbox 360 and after the Xbox died and then the next one I bought died, I pretty much stopped buying consoles.

Just about my whole life I also had a computer of some sort. So even when not playing a console I played PC games going all the way back to the original Macintosh (which was at my parent’s work, we so couldn’t afford our own!). Then in the 90s I was pretty much a Windows PC kid from there on out.


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