The Obligatory Warcraft Rant

So…my second post…it’ll be hard to live up to a top notch post like my last one but I’ll do my best.


Patch 6.1 and The Menagerie

Last time I mentioned I was playing World of Warcraft and I still am. On Tuesday patch 6.1 went live, and I was rather optimistic. I’ve enjoyed playing World of Pokémon (aka pet battles in WoW) but before the patch I never managed to unlock the Menagerie building in the Garrison. A few weeks before the patch I read the play test patch notes and saw they were going to make it easier to unlock the Menagerie so I figured I’d just wait. Why make it harder on myself than I need to right? Well they said it would be easier and it sure as hell was and it sucked!

Before the patch I was getting wiped when using a full group of level 25 pets. After the patch I was able to beat the challenge battles with a single level 23 pet. It was god damn ridiculous. There had to be some middle ground between challenging and “here is a token unlock quest because who gives a fuck” easy.  Aside from it being too easy to unlock the building and people’s reaction to Ashran (a pvp zone) which I talk about next, I liked the changes. Oh and they FINALLY allow you cancel your flight path at the next stop, which is super nice, but it took them ten damn years to implement it.


Ashran and Stupid People – I Apologize for Nothing

Now for a real rant.

Alliance in Ashran, generally they don’t know what the hell they are doing. A few weeks ago people were being so idiotic I told them to all fuck off and I don’t usually get that upset. Just to highlight how super pissed I was I talked to one of my friends and seriously contemplated starting a guild just so I could get a good pvp group together. I still feel pretty strongly but meh, I doubt I will because you know…effort and all. Now that they made it so that you only get Conquest Points in Ashran from doing Events it’s gotten even worse!

I go to Ashran to get Rep, Bones and Nemesis Quests. The Honor Points are nice and the Conquest Points were a pretty good bonus but apparently there are many people who are just there for Conquest Points and they just get so pissed that not everyone wants to do Events. How dare people want to do the main battle over side events “Fuck those guys and their wanting to do the main battle.”(That’s where if you could see me I would be rolling my eyes)

I can understand wanting to do the events during the down time between battles but they also want to avoid the rare spawns too, even when it’s right next to where they are waiting for events. What the hell?  It will take you a few minutes and you get artifacts to turn in.  If they really want conquest points get their shit together and make a group for rated pvp battles and earn them the way they should. As vocal and opinionated as they are they seem to be dense enough to not realize you can get bones and use them to generate Conquest Points, Honor Points and gold! Sorry they drop randomly but get over it. Just because you aren’t good enough to do ranked battlegrounds to get conquest points doesn’t mean you have fuck with other people’s fun, get over it, and turn in bones! If you couldn’t tell I got pretty pissed off last night!


End of Rant

Now that I got that rant off my chest I’m going to end this post. I have more to say about several things, my messing around with old content over the last few weeks and the announcement of a new DuckTales cartoon but I’ll put that in my next post.



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